Retirement Plans

The obvious benefit of a retirement plan is that of employees having the means to create a real nest egg, but it’s a benefit to employers too. A good retirement plan can be an outstanding way to attract and retain top people—a vital strategy in a competitive marketplace. Higginbotham lets you add this important benefit without adding to your administrative load.

Higginbotham has a department dedicated exclusively to qualified retirement plans. Our brokers don’t merely dabble in retirement plans. Higginbotham has securities registered professionals on staff. And because we are independent, we can pair you with the vendor that best suits your employee benefit strategy.

Our Retirement Plan Services department has the expertise to work with virtually any plan, including 401(k), Defined Benefit and 403(b). We also work with all types of vendors, such as insurance companies, mutual funds and third-party administrators.

We offer a number of employer- and employee-based services for a complete administrative solution:


Investment Policy Statement

Provides a basis for you to create the plan’s mission statement that describes the selection process of the retirement plan service provider and investment options.

404(c) Compliance Guides

Confirms the programs and outlets used for employee education, including vendor-specific items as well as outside resources. It serves as a checklist that verifies the information and education made available to your employees and helps you manage your fiduciary responsibilities.

Total Cost Analysis

Identifies the costs, including fees billed to the company and investment management fees associated with the funds themselves, enabling you to compare 401(k) products and vendors on a broad, equitable basis.

Custom Employee Education Programs

Gives your employees the information they need to make sound investment decisions for their personal finances and lifestyles. Whether large or small group, single session or series, our education methods are tailored to your employees’ interest and comprehension of asset planning.

One-On-One Employee Consultation

Helps employees with their personal investment needs, such as IRAs, mutual funds, stocks and bonds.

Fiduciary Liability

Manages your IRS and DOL compliance obligations by periodically reviewing your plan to help ensure it remains current with new regulations posed by legislation such as ERISA and the Pension Protection Act.



Retirement plan consultants in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and Wichita Falls providing service across Texas.

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